How to use

1、install osschat for github project

if project is apache project,please referer to page 1.1, if not, please refer to page 1.2

1.1 install app for apache project

Ask for infrastructure service of ASF from here: .

Create a new issue follow the template following:

Dear Infra team,

Can you please install / enable GitHub osschat( application for our apache/${Your project name} GitHub repo?


A previous case for reference:

1.2 install app for opensource project

  • please open in browser, and install osschat app.

  • then, give osschat Repository access privilege: All repositories or just choose some repositories that you want to use osschat

Note: for now, osschat just only need 2 privileges:
    - Read access to metadata 
    - Read and write access to issues and pull requests

2. add OssChat wechat(juzi_bangbang) as friend, then invite OssChat into your wechat group

  • TODO: Need a QR code

3. find your corresponding wechat group id

visit to get your wechat group id

4. edit config.ts

edit config.ts file, and add your group id to RepoConfig

export const managedRepoConfig: RepoConfig = {
  'BUPT/': '18968477245@chatroom',
  'DSExtension/DSExtension': '18039997009@chatroom',
  'apache/incubator-dolphinscheduler' : '8676247154@chatroom',
  'apache/incubator-iotdb' : '18378203056@chatroom',
  'apache/incubator-shardingsphere'     : [
  'dailidong/ossbot': '18039997009@chatroom',
  'kaiyuanshe/osschat'     : [
  'qihoo360/quicksql' : [

then submit a pull request, when pr is been merged, wait 5~10 minutes, you can submit an issue on your project, if everything is ok, osschat will send this issue to your wechat group.

if you meet any problem, please submit an issue