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What is Osschat

OSS-bot is for bridging IM apps (e.g., WeChat) and Apache community tools (e.g., mailing list, and jira).

OSS-bot will serve users as a cloud service.

Using Osschat as a service



To compile OSS-bot, typescript environment is needed. If you have npm, you can run:

npm install


./node_modules/.bin/ts-node bin/main.ts
  • Localhost

You can get the following result, open http://localhost:8788, scan qrcode and begin to use the bot!

16:57:45 INFO Wechaty <wechaty-puppet-puppeteer>(heroku-wechaty) start() v0.29.7 is starting...
16:57:47 INFO startWeb startWeb() listening to http://localhost:8788

After scan the qrcode, you can find the following result here

17:12:57 INFO chatops chatops(Der! I just got online!
OSS Bot v0.0.24)
17:12:57 INFO startBot onLogin(Contact<李佳芮>) 李佳芮 Heroku Wechaty Getting Started v0.29.7 logined
  • Advance

  1. Using docker to get a more stable version

  2. Using an advance puppet to get a more stable version


We are current DevOps the master branch from the repo to Heroku under the protection of Travis CI.

You can visit the staging system at http://oss-bot.kaiyuanshe.cn/

Meeting Notes

Apache Incubator Proposal




To be added…


  • OSS mentored by: Apache Software Fundation

  • Project Lead by: 开源社

  • Heroku Dyno sponsored by: JuziBot

  • Wechaty Puppet Padplus sponsored by: JuziBot

  • Heroku Getting Started Template from Wechaty